Thinner in 30 book review


If you’re a fan of the Today Show, you undoubtedly recognize Jenna Wolfe. I had seen a few of her fitness segments, but I really didn’t register that she is a certified personal trainer. I never met a diet or fitness book I didn’t want to read, so when I learned that Wolfe had written one, I eagerly picked up Thinner in 30.

Besides being filled with the 30 days’ worth of tips alluded to in the title, this is a very funny book. She (or her co-author Myatt Murphy) has a breezy style. Her reported conversations trying to get her parents to embrace healthier habits when they can’t or won’t grasp the concepts made me chuckle.

Wolfe also includes scientific backup to her advice.

The 30 changes start small with day one being sip water as soon as you wake up. She then moves through eating and exercise advice in small, doable increments. The changes don’t even have to be made in 30 calendar days. You can work at your own pace. Once you’ve mastered one step, move on to the next. The catch is you must continue doing all that came before.

By change 29, you will be doing a 60 minute workout three times a week. Wolfe has included photos to demonstrate exactly what exercises to do and how many to do.

Personally, I know I am not going to do those workouts. What I would like to incorporate is her advice to eat a maximum of three servings per day of processed food. She defines that as packaged foods or beverages with more than five ingredients.

I’ll be trying to do more cooking at home. How about you?


Jenna Wolfe Online Fitness Portal


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