On the lookout for figs



Have you ever tried fig jam? I first bought a jar from a vendor at a local farmers’ market. He sold a wide variety of products. The one he convinced me to buy had just a smidge of jalapeno in it. The salesman assured me it was good on almost everything. Sure, I thought.

But darned if he wasn’t right. We used it on pulled pork, hamburgers, crab cakes. All delicious.

The problem is I haven’t been able to find the vendor again. He doesn’t have a store front. What to do? Well, try Amazon, of course. They sell a lot of different jams and preserves, but nono of them seem to have the jalapenos.


This one is also sold at my local Publix. My husband says we can cut up a jalapeno from our back yard and mix it in ourselves. I am doubtful this will produce the same result, but I guess I’ll give it a try.

Have you ever found a product that is as versatile as fig Jam turned out to be?



Making space on the counter


My husband and I had Sunday dinner at his brother’s. As I was trying to help my sister-in-law in the kitchen, I noticed her air fryer. I have been wanting one of these for some time, but my kitchen is tiny. I don’t have enough counter space for one more small appliance.

I didn’t notice the brand of fryer, but it looked similar to the Ninja above.


This Black & Decker toaster/convection oven  is what I am currently using. We got this as a replacement, or so we thought, for one we had for many years. This new one, however, is a dud. Try though I may, I cannot figure out what settings to use to produce items that are properly toasted or heated without being burnt.The interior is also much smaller than the one we had before. I used to be able to fit a standard cookie sheet inside. No longer. What fits in this one is a 12 inch pizza pan. Who bakes anything, except actual pizza, on a round pan?

I’m going to call my sister-in-law to find out what air fryer she actually has. She told me she loves it. In the meantime, I’d love some recommendations. Do you have an air fryer? What brand is it? Do I need to ditch the toaster oven?



I’ve decided to take this blog in a different direction and have added a new tagline: Muddling through Retirement. I plan to write about the ups and downs, challenges and opportunities of being retired.

Today is Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. My husband and I really love New Orleans. His favorite place to stay was Hotel Monteleone . It is quite elegant, the kind of hotel with a lot of marble and gold bathroom fixtures. The bar is built on a giant turntable and revolves, and there is a swimming pool on the roof. Naturally it is quite pricy.

carousel bar

On our most recent trip several years ago, we sought a more reasonably priced place to stay and discovered Place d’Armes. It is located steps from Jackson Square and has tons of old world charm.

place d'armes

As is tradition, we will be having pancakes for dinner tonight. Here is a cooking tip: a waitress at a diner once told me the secret to making delicious pancakes is to add vanilla. She’s right.

I’d love to hear what you think of my “re-brand.” Please leave me a comment.