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How to Prevent #MeToo from Happening to YouBuy on Amazon

A how to book for young women embarking on their first job

Some common sense can prevent you from becoming one more #MeToo statistic. Emotional Intelligence begins with self-awareness and self-control. Next comes awareness of others and the ability to influence them. Mastering these four skills is critical for success on the job and elsewhere.


If you are starting college or know someone who is, this concise and powerful book will provide the tools every freshman needs. Success in the first year of college means more than a high GPA. To be truly successful in college and beyond requires emotional intelligence. Average 2 Awesome will guide readers through the four components of emotional intelligence. Learn how to become more self-aware and how to control your emotions. Then discover the importance of empathy and how to increase that valuable “soft skill.” Finally, find out what it takes to become a leader.


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How old were you the first time someone asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” A few lucky souls recognized their dream job early in life. Many of us, however, stumbled on a career by accident. It may have made us a living, but did it give us the life we wanted? We never got the career counseling we needed to make a better choice. If you are a teenager just starting to sort out what to do with your life, this workbook will give you step by step guidance through the process. If you are the parent, grandparent, or loving aunt or uncle of a teen, what better gift than to give the student in your life the tools to make this important decision?


day job cover

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Making Time with the Maestro

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