One person’s trash…



I watched multiple episodes of Flea Market Flip on HGTV one morning last week. Years ago, I did quite a bit of furniture re-finishing. This was back when I was furnishing my first apartment and later my first home.

I’d love to get back into working with furniture or repurposing items as they do on Flea Market, but I already have all the furniture I need. Besides that, I really don’t have a dedicated space I could use to work in. Here in Florida, we don’t have basements.

This is the closest I’ve come to recycling. I spray painted my husband’s old army trunk and set it on top of a discarded coffee table I found in my neighborhood. It is serving as filing cabinet/storage until/unless something better comes along.



I wonder if there is a profit making opportunity hidden in here somewhere. Is there a market for small, hand finished side tables and the like? Does anybody have any advice for me?

Do you have a side gig? I’d love to hear about it.