Be you



“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.” ~Edward Gibbon

Are you in a job that allows you to use your capabilities?

I spent much of my adult life working in the insurance industry, a field that rarely gave me the opportunity to use my strengths. I had not chosen this career, merely stumbled into it. An insurance company offered me a job, and I took it. I tried and tried to make the proverbial silk purse of it and failed.

In my forties, I decided to go to graduate school to pursue something that might actually suit me. Although I loved my educational psychology classes and did extremely well, my problem wasn’t solved.

It took almost another twenty years of interim jobs until I finally found a position in my new field. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t all I had hoped for, but it was an environment in which I felt comfortable.

Now that I am officially retired, I have begun writing fiction, something that is a near-perfect match for my introverted personality and artistic interests.

If you are still in the workforce, are you using your capabilities? If you are retired, have you found a job or hobby that lets you be you?



Reinvention Advice

I have been wanting to read Claire Cook‘s Never Too Late for some time. It is an extremely helpful manual for mid-life women or anyone else who wants or needs to go in a new direction. It’s also full of interesting stories of how her first novel Must Love Dogs became a movie ans what it was like to go to Hollywood.

Cook became an author at age 45 after teaching school for many years, so she knows whereof she speaks.  Her advice about completing two pages of writing each day, no matter what, really hit home. So were the stories of how she came to re-acquire rights to her backlist books. It seems the life of a bestselling author is as rosy as it looks from the outside.

The pages are full of many practical, common sense tips delivered as if by a BFF. Particularly appropriate for author wannabes, but applicable to many other life goals too.